Holiday upcoming

We’re really excited about our upcoming holiday. Big surprise the target is the US once again. But this time we face a quite long trip because we’re driving cross country. Starting in Boston and ending in Los Angeles. The trip is planned from May 7th to 25th 2018. This is how the trip is planned from the beginning. But we might change some destinations along the way.

US trip 2018
US trip 2018

Synology NAS


A couple of years ago I faced an incident where I lost a disk in my home server. This server hosted my personal files as well as all of my media. With no backup or any redundancy I was operating on the edge of what is seen as “normal”. After this incident my home IT-life has got way more easier and I’m still surprised how smooth and effective I can operate and manage all of my home data. The Synology NAS is here. Continue reading “Synology NAS”