Home-assistant release 0.58 out

HA Release

Newest release 0.58 of Home-assistant is out now. According to the rumors it contains the fix for the IKEA Tradfri gateway. Two weeks ago I suffered from loosing access to it and have not been able to connect to it again. At the moment it is the only thing I’m missing in my home automation setup.

As I’m using the distro of HA called hass.io, it will take a bit longer for the code to be ready for my update.

Perfect Home Automation

People often ask me about my vision for Home Assistant. Before I can describe where I want to go with Home Assistant, I should first talk about how home automation would look in my ideal world. This will be the aim of this post. I’m not going to focus on protocols, networks or specific hubs. That’s all implementation details. Instead, this post will focus on what is most important: the interaction between the users and their home. Continue reading “Perfect Home Automation”