Although good leaders are smart, they recognise that it’s just not possible to excel in every area of a business. Rather, they need to always hire smart people in every area to ensure the best team, and then successfully co-ordinate this great team.

Great leaders hire people who are smarter than them to ensure the best team for the business.
Poor leaders want to be sure they’re the smartest in the room and hire less able people.

Great leaders want their people to challenge them, to ask questions and suggest better ways of doing things.
Poor leaders think they know better simply because they have the leadership role, and they hate to be questioned.

Great leaders give their team the space to do their jobs and make mistakes.
Poor leaders try to micromanage everything for fear of anyone making a mistake.

Great leaders express appreciation and ensure their team gets recognition for their successes.
Poor leaders take all the credit for themselves.

Great leaders ensure their team members can progress and advance their careers.
Poor leaders hold them back in their roles for fear they might take the leader’s job.

Great leaders clearly communicate the direction, being prepared to change if circumstances require it.
Poor leaders seldom communicate for fear of being wrong.

Great leaders lead from the front and don’t ask their team to do things they wouldn’t be prepared to do themselves.
Poor leaders push from the rear, telling people what to do while trying not to get involved themselves.

Great leaders listen to all the input from their team and make a decision quickly.
Poor leaders get paralysed by trying to analyse every piece of information and don’t make a decision is case it’s wrong.

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