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Even though this site mostly is about the local weather where I live, I sometimes posts articles about other stuff. Mainly it will be about topics that interrests me in the time being. So don’t be confused if you see blog posts about tech, smart home, IT or other areas.



This is the second day in a row with temperatures rising up near 30 deg. Fortunately the humidity is somewhat low, so it doesn’t feel that bad. I will add some more sensors to visualize how it feels like when compared to wind and humidity. These factors does really add to how one experience the temperature. Higher humidity and the body cannot perspirate efficiently.


The next site updates will be related to weather and I’ll be testing what my own weather station is actually capable of. I found a very interesting plugin for WordPress that can visualize all sorts of things collected locally from my NetAtmo weather station. So stay tuned if you like weather data 😊