This site is mainly created to collect some local weather information. It also contains some articles from a few trips to U.S. and summer holidays here in Denmark. The audience will be mostly family who can follow us on our journeys but others are also welcome to take a look. 

Who are we?

Family of 7 aging from 11 to 51 (at the moment). 

Where are we?

Living in Bagsvaerd a suburb to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hobbies and interests?

Yes, quite a few. Autos and motors, computer gaming, horseback riding, HAM radio, home automation, cats, travel etc. This includes all members of the family.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hans Erik Brygger

    Hej – fandt under søgning efter noget andet denne side – ved at min far Niels Kristian har haft søskende, hvis børn er flyttet
    til Kbh området. Prøver via denne kanal at få et overblik over hvor hvem er. Jeg bor i Højbjerg ved Århus


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